If you're a weird stalker fan of Lani Lynn Vale, like me, you would know that this series of three books kind of popped out of nowhere. There we were in the middle of the OTHER series and this one just butts in. Not that I'm complaining because it's great, just different.


After reading the first book I didn't really pay any attention to what we were getting next. And when I realised it was Mavis's book, I was expecting it to be a snarky, funny enemies to lover’s story. It wasn't. It absolutely was not that. I read this book with tears streaming down my face. And even though I was pretty sure we would get a happily ever after I read this while my heart broke over and over.


And when I was finally getting it put back together and looking forward to the happiness and joy it was broken all over again. But I would read it again in a heartbeat because this story was beautiful in its pain. Mavis had so much strength and character that I couldn't get enough of her. And Murphy was so caring and considerate of everyone he cared about. I loved them together.


While I really wasn't expecting to cry like a baby while reading this book. I couldn't put it down once I started it because I needed these two to have an amazing and beautiful future. I can't even guess what we are getting with the next book, but it really has a lot to live up to.





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