It's no secret our house is a little basketball obsessed. We are at the stadium 5 or 6 days a week with hubby and states either training or playing. So, when I first stumbled across Sierra Hill's basketball series, I was in hoops heaven. And the series was great, it was obvious it was written by someone who knew the game. Plus, it had all the elements I love in sports romances.


Naturally when I heard Sierra had a new basketball book, I jumped on that without reading the blurb and I regret nothing. It wasn't what I was expecting. It was real and emotional and there were a lot of times I felt the angst each character was dealing with. And despite the fact each of their issues were vastly different they both had me really wanting them to get their much deserved happily ever after.


Zeke started off really shaky and I didn't think I was going to like him. He seemed so shallow and self-absorbed. Thankfully Kendall pulled his head out of his you know where and his mature, sweet side shone through. Kendall was this professional, smart, successful boss lady who made me jealous of how together she was. Then we saw a few of her layer’s peel back and she was beautifully human.


The relationship between them developed so organically and everything felt so natural it was easy to get caught up in it. The drama was pretty obvious, but it played out in a way that kept me guessing and turning the pages. I loved getting a glimpse of past couples and players and I can't wait to see where the series is going next.





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