I've been waiting for Ford's book since we were first teased with it 2 books ago. I picked up the last book thinking it was his, so to say I'm happy to finally get my grabby hands on it is an understatement. There was so much about this book I was excited about and that was before we found out who his beautiful leading lady was.


And I was even happier when I found out it was Lena. Having met her a few times as she extinguished fires for Ford I knew she was going to be a perfect fit for him. She was so self confident and took none of his garbage. Getting to know her in a more personal setting had me loving her more. And if I had known what she had been through I probably would have wanted someone a little nicer than Ford for her.


Then Ford went and manned up on us in this book and was suddenly all swoony and sweet and perfect boyfriend material. Obviously that is part of the draw with the reformed manwhore, trouble maker getting all soft and gooey for the right lady. But he really was great.


Which probably shouldn't have been that big a surprise after he got over the shock of being a baby daddy. Then a single baby daddy and doted on his beautiful little girl. Because he really was a seriously great dad. And once he got his head around it all he gave awesome boyfriend. And oh the tease for the next book. I can't wait.




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