It's no secret I love Melissa Foster's writing and a few of her books are in my top 10 of all time. But I only read a few select series and the Whiskey's are my immediate one click crack. First because there are so damn many of them and new series just keep being added with other siblings and cousins and they are all amazing.


But mainly because they feel like coming home to all your favourite people. The Dark Knight's have the whole love, protection, family thing perfected and whenever I visit one of their books I always want to stay. So, I've read most of the books in order, but I have also read a few of them as standalones and they work just as beautifully.


This book is Diesel and Tracey's story and we have had a bit of a tease with their relationship watching them dance around each other. Diesel was a character I instantly wanted to know more of. He was this hulking, growling, protective beast who was so intent on keeping his distance from Tracey, yet he couldn't keep his eyes off her. And everyone knew it was only a matter of time before he fell at her feet.


Tracey was one of the women from the shelter who came to us a little bruised and battered. But she soon got her feet under herself and watching her flourish was awesome. The two of them were so much fun to watch and we got loads of emotions to go with it. Plus we got a lot of cookie crumbs for the Redemption Ranch series which is coming soon. And I can't wait.




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