Gah I can't believe we finally got Ryan's book. I want to go back and read it again for the first time. Firstly, because Cap is just so sweet and swoony and secondly because Amara was perfect for him. Seriously those two are not just couple goals but also mum goals and man goals and just all the things’ dreams are made of.


Since the first book of Alley's that I picked up I have been hooked and each book just builds my obsession. I think Alley needs to appreciate the fact I'm on the other side of the world and can't raid her trash cans for her thrown out notes. Everything about her words work for me. I always read this book and want to be a Covenette before remembering that my happy place is at home reading because of the lack of people.


But in regard to this particular book all I can say is ……. Sigh. It was just awesome. I loved that Amara was this kick arse single mum to one hell of a cool son. And obviously Ryan wasn't even slightly worried about Amara having said son. The fact that Mav fit in so well with Carlee and Sean just nailed it. Then you have Amara's besties basically being coven 2.0 the relationship was just destined.


However, the absolute best thing was the fact that Amara brought the Winter soldier into things. When Cap started getting all growly and bossy I was even more in lust. Because there is nothing hotter than a really good guy being all alpha and in charge. And now I'm off to jump my own. Kisses





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