If you've read the blurb for this one you know why I picked it up. I don't know why a grumpy, hot, ex-marine works for me but it just does. There's something about the description that has me picturing a scowling John Cena in a khaki green shirt, tight enough to count abs that makes my hand shoot into the air while screaming "I volunteer as tribute."


And it was worth it. Mason was everything grumpy and growly with a soft centre I could have asked for. Throw in his dog he rescued and I'm complete putty in his hands. Even if he wasn't keen on having a house guest, he didn't hesitate to help his friend out the second he asked.


Heather was so nice. She's one of those people who just makes life sunnier just by being around her because she has such a positive can-do attitude. She knew Mason wasn't a fan of her being there and she went all out to help him and make things easier for him. I really liked her. And she was exactly what Mason needed, even if it took him a while to admit it.


This book was a great addition to the True North World, and I can't wait to read more books by this author. I'm really hoping that Amelia and Kevin will be getting a story of their own because they were great secondary characters. And now I'm off to Goodreads to do a little stalking. Toodles




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