I am loving this whole True North World thing. Sarina Bowen is an absolute genius who creates amazing stories, and this has just added to her awesomeness. So, I have been avidly scouring all of these sign ups reading the blurbs and reading the books as soon as I get my grabby hands on them. And this one had me super excited. It is by a new to me, author; and its main character is a professional basketball player. It was right up my alley.


And then I started reading it and I just never clicked with it. I couldn’t get into the story, and I didn’t connect with either character. In fact both characters annoyed me more than I liked them, but most of the time I was just apathetic towards them. Now this is possibly a me issue and other people will love the book and the characters, and I probably just didn’t connect because I struggled to read the book. And for me sometimes that’s just something that happens and has nothing to do with the book I’m reading.


For me my first issue was Mallory. She is 28 years old and I just felt like she was holding onto juvenile grudges and was always playing the victim. And while I got why she wasn’t prepared to forgive Zeke for the actions he had made while they were children, she just kept on about how everyone had let her down and she had trust issues. But it felt like everything was catastrophised and she was the innocent princess sitting in her tower being spat on.


Zeke went all out to win over Mallory and gain her forgiveness and I liked that he was so invested in their relationship. But his words didn’t back up his actions. And his claims of her being the one that got away and having her tattooed on various parts of his body didn't mesh with the fact he hadn’t seen her in ten years and then he bumped into her by chance. After they had been estranged for 5 years before their physical separation.


Then we had a secondary relationship going on off to the side that didn’t really feel like it added much to the story. The sex scenes were hot and the writing was easy to read. It just wasn’t the book for me at the moment.





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