I just want to know what it will take to be adopted into the Barnes family. I swear they all get sweeter with each book. And the description of the beautiful country and idyllic town just makes me want to pack up and head off.


Reed and Hazel had a quick quiet fling before both going off their own separate ways. When Hazel's grandfather passed away, she returns home to finalize his affairs. At the same time Reed is home while recovering from an injury and they obviously bump into each other.


This review is pretty hard to write without spoilers because it feels like everything, I want to squee over is a spoiler. But I can tell you that this book very much fits in with the rest of the series. And if you haven't read the rest of the series, it can be read as a nice, drama free standalone.


Obviously, I enjoyed the book. I spent a lazy day in bed unable to put it down and the teaser for the next book has me racing over to Goodreads to add it to my TBR.





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