I read Let’s Get Textual in January 2020 and promptly added I Wanna Text You Up to my KU library with plans to read it right away, but then life got in the way. And every time I would get the dreaded “you have too many books in your KU library” message I couldn’t bring myself to return this one to make room because I HAD to read it. I so enjoyed the writing of the last one and as full length introductions to new authors went it was perfect. Because I had first read some of Teagan Hunter’s works in the team player anthology and needed more.


Now I gotta admit I couldn’t remember a lot of the previous book. I just remember that Zoe’s BFF had previously dated this guy before she met her books hero and they had parted very amicably. And now said BFF was moving out and leaving Zoe to find a new roommate. Which was where Caleb came in.


I did have a moments doubt because, girl code, but then I was pretty sure that wasn’t going to be an issue with the way Caleb and his ex broke it off. And luckily it wasn’t. However, it also wasn’t ignored and I loved the way that Zoe approached it. The major drama was actually Caleb being a bit of a wussy pillow. The stunt he pulled towards the end of the book would have had me leaving his clothes on the curb. But Zoe was more mature than that and very understanding.


I did listen to the whisper sync version of this, and I think it left me a little confused at times as there was obviously a fair amount of texting going back and forth that I wasn’t seeing. But it wasn’t anything major just every now and then the narrator would say Caleb and I would be like what? Then realise it was a text from him. The voice was good. And easy to follow. I wish we had gotten Caleb’s POV but meh it wasn’t really needed he just needed to use his big boy words more.


Now I’m off to add the next book to my KU library and hopefully I can get to it before next year. Kisses



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