Helena Hunting has this uncanny ability to have me burst into laughter while squirming in my seat. She seriously writes the hottest chemistry and then just throws in a hilarious twist that makes it feel that much more authentic. Because seriously the crazy stuff always happens at the most inopportune moment and it is the crazy that makes us appreciate the perfect moments. 

King and Queenie have been the best couple I have read in ages. I felt like I have known them forever and at the same time waited for years to meet them. They were real and authentic and chaotic and dysfunctional and just perfect.

Queenie was the perfect storm for Kings smooth lake. And I really enjoyed watching her strength and belief in herself grow as King proved to her that he would be her safe place to land. But more so I loved that she realised that she was strong enough not to need it. She was beautiful because she was so human and she had her own flaws and had made her share of mistakes. 

King more than lived up to his name. And I call dibs. In so many regards he would drive me insane but at the same time I think that's because I am very much the type that lives in chaos. Although King had grown up in more than his share of chaos and I loved that his family was so nuts and dysfunctional. 

I just loved this whole story. Every page, every word. The whole series has been awesome but this one took the cake. I couldn't put it down and I am dying for the next book and I am crossing all my fingers hoping it's momster and Jake. But I know even if it's not I am going to love it. And as much as I'll obsess over it, I'll also get more of the crew so it's got all the sprinkles.


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