Having read and loved Maya Hughes Fulton U series I have had The Kings of Rittenhouse series on my TBR for quite some time but I haven’t really had the time until now. So when I saw that the fifth one is releasing soon and I had a week of social distancing I figured now was my chance. 

And to be honest it took me a little bit to connect with the characters. But as I am sure most of you realise this is more a fact that life is so damn distracting at the minute and I am finding it really hard to keep my mind on anything at the moment. Luckily the writing was great and I knew it was a me issue and not a book issue so I put on my headphones and locked myself away in my room for a few hours and I was hooked.

Makenna was such a high strung over achiever and if I didn’t know why she was so neurotic I would have found her really unlikable. But obviously there was a reason for how she got to where she was at and her story was just heartbreaking. It’s really weird how people deal with their same life experiences in such unique and individual ways. But it’s also what makes us human and interesting. So once I saw where Makenna’s quirks were coming from I just wanted her to relax and see the silver lining in all of the rain clouds.

Declan was the perfect compliment. He came across as this super slacker who just coasted by, but he was being pushed on by his own demons. And I liked that he realised that his demons were his own creation when he saw them next to Makenna's. But I really loved that he took the time to see under Makenna’s crusty exterior and once he did he was infatuated with her. Because she really needed him to drag her out of her cocoon. 

Together these two were a great compliment of each other and I really loved the introduction to the Kings. I am so glad that they are all on KU and I can’t wait to binge them over the next few days.


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