That book was the perfect escape from the world's current situation. I honestly didn't want to put it down for a second from the minute I picked it up. It was so warm and squishy, I really enjoyed every second of it. And even though there was a bit of suspense and drama it just kept me even more stuck to the pages.

Ares and Hayes could not have been more perfect together. Ares was such a sweetheart. She made me appreciate how low drama she was from the start. From the second she tripped over her own feet seeing Hayes I was praying that he was as captivated as she was. 

Thankfully this was told predominantly in dual points of view, with a few randoms to give a good perspective of the drama that was unfolding. So we got to see exactly what Hayes was thinking. And damn I love these big, tough, bad arse swat guys going all soft and sweet for their women. And I also loved that Hayes wasn't perfect, he had a serious issue and it wasn't made a big deal of it was just something that was part of him, he was working on it and Ares accepted it and tried to find ways to help.

It made them both all the more human and relatable. I was really glad to have the serial killer aspect resolved in this book. Even if it did break my heart a little the way it was resolved. But now I have the next book in the series to obsess over and I have a feeling it's going to be a little more angsty and I can't wait.


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