Ok first I have to say that I love love love the fact that Sabrina is considered one of the Burns brothers despite the fact she is their cousin. Sometimes family is complex and crazy and I love that Sabrina is their sister through and through, but especially because their family is even more crazy and complex than normal. But hey that’s why they have their own reality TV show right?

Sabrina is one of those background characters that is just so dependable and there that you never really appreciate the fact that she has her own story until you're reading her book and appreciating how much is going on behind that polished surface. Because damn did Sabrina have so much going on in her life. And I loved that even though there was literally so much going on with her and she was drowning, and she was sad and wanted to wallow she wasn’t self pitying. She was just overwhelmed. And true to form she didn’t want to upset anyone around her or rock any boats she just wanted to get through it. Needless to say I loved her. And I loved her ability to appreciate people's mistakes and apologise for her own. The girl deserved a medal for dealing with all that was thrown at her and not throwing a pity party, or a punch. 

Now Logan, he was his own, one man pity party. And although I got that he was drowning in an ocean of guilt he just couldn’t see past his own arse to see what he was doing to the people around him and I really wanted to smack him in the head. But with that said I could understand the people who loved him trying to drag him back to the land of the living and forgiving him for his selfishness. He didn’t do anything in a malicious way he was just existing and once he pulled his head out he wasn’t bad. And the whole Bella and the puppies thing sure as hell didn’t hurt any.

I’m really enjoying this series and I love that each book gives us a new story but also a little more of the characters we already love. It really is one big crazy family and every book it just keeps getting bigger and we keep getting more characters to hopefully get books on later. But right now I am hoping that we are getting Maddie and Nathan’s story next because I really can’t wait. But I also really need someone to stand up and look after poor Dylan because even with everything going on with Sabrina and Logan I could still feel his pain. So fingers crossed his isn’t too far away either.


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