So I had absolutely no worries keeping my head in this book. After I finished Shameless King I jumped on KU to grab the next one and saw that there was an introductory novella and just as I was about to one click it I saw a few reviews saying how badly it made them want book three. And since I was already feeling that to my soul I thought I had best just jump into this one.

And I am so glad I did. Even if I cried a lot more than I was expecting to. Like seriously there was a load of emotions in this story that I wasn't really expecting. Especially with Heath being the laid back slightly impulsive one he had been painted to be in the previous book. 

But it just goes to prove that sometimes even those closest to us don't know what's going on under the surface. And that was true for both Heath and Kara. They both had a few broken edges that fit together beautifully to give them a calm surface.

Their story was one that was made complicated by their pasts and their futures. But in the present you could feel their connection and chemistry and I just wanted them to work out from their first meeting. 

And although I loved every page of their story I kind of felt ripped off by that epilogue. I know it was to have me racing to Amazon to grab the next one but I already have that. Thank you KU. So I really just wanted more Heath and Kara, happy and together and a glimpse into what next for them. Fingers crossed I'll get that as the series progresses. But now I have to go start Ruthless King even though I know it's going to hurt I have faith Maya Hughes won't let me down.


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