Ok so that epilogue made me all warm and squishy. But I really can't believe that's the end of my Valentine's. I had honestly forgotten that this was it when I started reading the book so when I got to that epilogue and it hit me I suddenly wanted to read a hell of a lot slower.

Darby was such a misunderstood character. His family still saw him as the hell raising, angry, trouble making, teenager he had been and missed the years where he had grown up and turned his life around. And I felt his pain. Until we got more of Waylynn's story anyway.

Waylynn really made my heart hurt. Not once did she complain or feel sorry for herself and damn did she deserve to. I really wanted Darby to kick her dad's arse for being such a selfish acehole. But I guess in the end her dad doesn't matter when she has the Valentine family to fold her into their brand of love, support and craziness. 

This book was super sweet and I read it in one sitting with a big smile on my face. And even though I'm going to miss them all, I have loved every minute of the series. The heartbreak, the laughs, but mostly, the love. And thank God they are always there for a re-read. 


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