So I don’t really remember the first book in this series but I remembered that I enjoyed it and had every intention in reading the next one but my TBR got in the way. Then I saw the sign up for the third book and figured I better get to it since I was intrigued by the sound of that one. So I jumped on in feet first without reading the blurb and remembered the basics of the story line. 

So each of these can be read as a stand alone but obviously since they are brothers and they all work together they are also somewhat interconnected. And although it vaguely came back to me I did read it as a standalone and enjoyed it. 

Ryan was the younger middle brother in this dysfunctional family. He felt like he wasn’t sure of his place in the family or the world. But I really liked him. He was so intrigued with Hope from the first time he saw her but not knowing where she stood in the club he kept away. And I think the fact that he had such a solid moral compass and even though he was all about doing the right thing he wasn’t ruled by it. He wanted to be the best version of himself for the people he loved and it just made me value him more. 

Hope was a sweetheart through and through. She felt the connection between her and Ryan and she went after it. And I loved that she didn’t have any stupid doubts or play any games. She just said what she was thinking and talked through her concerns and she did everything she had to do without any additional drama. She was one of those characters that you just immediately like and would be friends with if she popped up in real life. 

The two of them together were so sweet and when the natural drama occured it all was so perfectly written that I just knew it was going to all be ok in the end. Because there was no way Ryan was going to let it be any other way. I am so glad I read this book and I really can’t wait to see all of the brothers and Sabrina find their HEA’s. God knows they deserve it.


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