Well my idiocy is no secret. I picked up this book thinking it was Beau and Savannah's book and I was so excited for their story, I was actually a little disappointed to realise that this one was Olivia and Casey's. Not that I wasn't looking forward to this one, just that I had hyped myself up for the secrets, lies and betrayals I'm expecting from the next one.

Once I sucked it up and read a few pages of this one I was all good. Casey was a bit of a sweetheart with a surprise double life that I wasn't expecting. And while it was a little much for me, realistically, it did make good reading and kept me well entertained. I had expected him to be a little more over the top, assertive, alpha from the small snippets we got of him in Southern Chance. So I was a little disappointed that he wasn't. Instead he was super sweet and supportive, which I guess is alright. 

Olivia was more than I had anticipated as well. I was surprised by her previous life and it did help me to understand why Casey was so convinced she wouldn't want to settle down and live life on a ranch. That said, duh Casey it's not like you can't, I don't know, talk about these things. Idiot. Especially considering the smoking hot chemistry all throughout the book.

Luckily the drama surrounding Olivia's hiding out in the country was resolved. And it was all very entertaining and enjoyable. And once Olivia and Casey pulled their heads out and used their big people words they all lived happily ever after. Except for Beau and Savannah who I am even more desperate to read after that little teaser at the end. 


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