I picked this up because it sounded like a nice, cute, light little novella that I could read without investing too much attention or emotion into. I just needed a book that I could read and relax with a glass of wine and put down with a smile on my face and This worked perfectly. 

Doobie was a little hard to warm up to. He had a major disappointment so he packed up and ran and left behind his family. Which I understand, what I couldn't understand was him not calling or visiting then being surprised his family was upset with him. But he wised up fast and set about fixing his relationships and he grew on me.

Or maybe it was Alicia who helped me warm up to him. Because I really liked Alicia. She was so sweet and down to earth and she made the people around her better. And I enjoyed the fact she was prepared to honour her promise to her friend despite the connection between her and Doobie.

The book was cute, the story was interesting and I had a nice relaxing afternoon reading it.


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