So Ford and Liv's chemistry was enough to ensure I couldn't put my kindle down but now I have to wait for Colm's book. And that feels like it is going to be forever, or you know, a weekish but still I just devoured the rest of the series in four days I need it now.

Ford was the quiet one who made me want to know all of his secrets. And since I had just gone back and read the prequel book to this series (I had to see what happened with Emmett and Avery before I could read that) and seeing Ford leaving ladies unable to walk I was pretty desperate to read his story. And it didn't disappoint. And neither did he.

Olivia was awesome. I feel like I have watched her grow up while I was reading the series. And I have watched her crush turn into infatuation and grow into love. I felt her devastation when she finally got her long awaited kiss from Ford only to watch it go up in flames.

Their story was the ultimate show of bad timing and a lot of small things working against them. Made even harder by those small things getting turned into issues through misunderstandings, mistrust and miscommunication. Which ordinarily would do my head in but everyone with the exception of Colm acted like normal people trying to do the right thing or just living life. 

I adored these two finally getting together but their story feels unresolved with Colm not being reconciled. That said I am so excited for where I think his story is going and I am really looking forward to the conclusion of the series. Hopefully there is a seriously kick arse epilogue with more weddings and babies and some spin offs. 

OMG and I just remembered we have LJ and Marissa's book to look forward to. So maybe we will see more Liv & Ford in that one. WOO HOO


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