Damn that was exactly what I needed and I have absolutely no idea why I waited so long to jump into this book. I loved the first one and it’s on KU so I really have no excuses. And honestly as much as I remember enjoying the first one there were a few little issues I had with it that niggled at me and made me love this one so much more. 

First can I just say Kase was the shit. I can’t even express how awesome he was, words fail me. I loved absolutely everything about him. It was literally like the perfect man wrapped up in the perfect packaging. He could be so patient and caring and sensitive before going all full on alpha. And I loved that he was so focused on Harlow and could read her so well that he knew what she needed before she did. 

Harlow had a few very real, normal, every day, people issues and I really liked her. I think she would be the perfect girl posse member. She kept all her worries and concerns to herself but she wasn’t secretive or uncaring she was just living her life as she felt she needed to live it to keep herself safe. And even when she didn’t really want to do certain things she wasn’t afraid to go outside her comfort zone to provide herself with the security she needed to keep her anxiety at bay.

Kase and Harlow together were hot. And they made the perfect couple. They complimented each other so perfectly I just wanted to keep reading about them forever. I can’t believe that there aren’t any more in this series because these would be the best Covid social distancing binge read ever if only I had nine or ten more. I am obsessed with Layla Frost’s writing. She literally feels like the love child of Kristen Ashley and Aurora Rose Reynolds and I need more.


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