I still can't believe that Alley hasn't published a million books. She is just so perfect and polished and quickly becoming one of my favourite authors. I am so completely addicted to her BTU Alumni series and I jumped into this one without doing any research. And as much as I'm slapping myself for that, I know the results would have been the same. I have zero self-control when it comes to an Alley Ciz book.


So, it landed on my kindle and I was in. And as always, I was invested from the first one. Except that I saw that the first three books of the series are based around the one couple. So now I'm freaking out, but I figured I would be fine. Then I got to 90% and started sweating because a) I do not want this to end. B) I am running out of % for a happily ever after, everything is unresolved. C) I still do not know everything and I'm dying here.


So now it's official, Alley is evil and getting a hell of a lot of stink eye because that ending feels brutal. And October is forever away. Especially in 2020. We could have anything happen in a month. Honestly would anyone be surprised if solar flares took out the whole world's power? Or aliens were elected president of the US and banned ebooks?


So, Casanova has a starring role as book boyfriend of the month. Even if he is still being cagey about his past and acted like an idiot without talking to #casanovasmysterygirl I kind of get it. As for said mystery girl, I love her. I need to know EVERYTHING but I'm sure as it unfolds I'll just love her more.


As with every Alley book the background characters are absolute perfection and they had better ALL be getting their own books yesterday. I am so mad and excited and scared and desperate for the next book and obviously the one after that since they are getting three books. I just do not know how I'm meant to sleep with my brain still stuck in UofJ.





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