I really am struggling with how I feel about this book. It had everything I love about college sports romance and a few of the things I hate. And I really hate them so much it's just over shadowed everything I loved.


Indie had so much happening with her family I really liked how she reacted to it all. She didn't hold her punches or act like a victim she just dealt with it her way and it felt very genuine.


Lincoln made the story for me. He was so sweet and caring and his moms were insane. I really loved him. He maybe could have fought harder for what he wanted but I understand that he cared enough for Indie not to push her for more than she was ready to admit to.


And I was loving this book for the first 80% and then life separated them. And for the first part of the separation I thought I was going to be ok with it. I thought it was the mature next step but then they stayed separated and life kept happening. And by the time they finally got back together it was the end of the book.


I seriously hate that as a plot twist. It drives me crazy. So I fixated on that and ruined the story for me. And now I don't know how to rate this book. Because I love Meghan’s writing and I love the Brentwood series and I really wanted to love this.



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