Pippa Grant is my go-to pick me up, laugh out loud author. The stories are just so out there and hilarious yet realistic enough that I can see how these crazy things can happen. And this series is just so awesome. I live everything about it.

Firstly, the characters are so unique, they could never be confused with anyone else. Henri leaves quirky in the dust. She was just nuts but I adored her. Her heart was so pure, and she deserved to be worshipped for all the crazy that came out of her mouth. And Dogzilla had me in stitches.

Luca started out a little reluctant, but he soon warmed up to all of Henri's quirks and I really appreciated how he realised all that she deserved and worked to get it for her. His family was insane and added to the awesome line up of secondary characters.

This whole book was so entertaining and reading this just made me feel happy. I would have liked to see a little vengeance but that probably wouldn't have fit with the spirit of the story, so I guess I'll just deal. Fingers crossed we get a lot more of our Copper Valley Fireballs.





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