Well it's no secret that I absolutely love Kristen Ashley's writing. And her Chaos series has been a thing of beauty. But add her to a 1001 Dark Nights and I'm one happy little camper.


Because as much as I love Kristen Ashley, man can she be wordy. And being someone who doesn't care about fashion or decorating I love that she skips over those parts in these novellas and gets right to the heart of her characters and their story.


Mainly because she writes such great characters. And although the men are all growling, alpha, bad arses I can't get enough of them. Dutch obviously is one I have "known" for a while through other members books. But getting all of him was awesome. And I loved that so much of this book was told from his perspective.


The way he saw Georgie was truly beautiful and even if she had been a raging bitch, I still would have loved her from how Dutch saw her. Luckily for us she was a typical strong, opinionated, interesting woman who was easy to admire.


I really loved this story. And I really loved seeing Jag, Keeley and Hound. But now I am upset we have to wait six months for Jaggers book. I should say that while I'm obsessed with this author and have read all these books you could happily read this as a standalone. However be prepared because this rock chick is addictive and she has enough books to keep you sleepless for months. Just saying. 



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