I am a huge fan of paranormal romance. I love the whole fated mates and insta love as much as I love the growling, alpha mine. But I don't read nearly enough of it, partially because it can be a little monotonous and a little hit and miss. It's easy to veer into the cheesy when it's based on make believe or to go too over the top.


So when this series first caught my eye, literally the cover just called to me I ended up one clicking it. Which is unusual for me at the minute with the reading commitments I already have and the hundreds of books waiting on my kindle and my KU membership I normally talk myself out of buying more books. But I couldn't resist this series and I absolutely binged them. And now I jump on each new release.


I had no idea who this book was about before I started it and I didn't even glance at the blurb. And to be honest I don't really pay a lot of attention to the secondary characters unless they jump out at me so I only vaguely remember Levi. I was expecting the book to be about one of the more involved pack members.


And when they first started talking about the vet named Charlie I got all excited for a MM shifter story. Only to quickly realise that Charlie was all woman. I loved the chemistry between her and Levi. They were complete individually which made them more interesting to me. And together they were a great compliment to each other.


This series just keeps me hooked and I can't wait to see who's next and to see the pack members we've already met continue with their happily ever after.




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