Every book C.P. Smith has written I have loved. There is something about the way she captures the characters and makes me invested in them from the first page. Add in the suspense and drama of the story and I can't put her books down.

This book, however, I think is my favourite of hers. And I am praying it's going to be a series because almost everyone of the secondary characters deserves their own story. There wasn't a single thing about this book that didn't work for me.

Skylar and Logan are right up there as one of my all time favourite couples. I loved their instant connection and I felt their soul deep love. Skylar was so strong and working so hard to keep it all together that she didn't take a breath and look up to see just how much love and support she had. But Logan stole my heart with how fiercely he loved her.

Everything about Logan made him the amazing character he was. He had walked through fire to get to his slice of heaven and no one deserved it more. The fact he walked so perfectly into not just Skylar's life and heart but that of the whole town was beautiful to watch.

I really am hoping to see all of these amazing people get their own happily ever after. Especially after being teased with all their connections through out this book. And I would really love to see Josh and Jake get their future dreams. Who am I kidding? I want it all now please. 



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