I can't believe that that's the last Bailey book. I feel like I need my own 12 step program to recover. I want so much more but hopefully we will still get little snippets and catch ups when we get to meet Ethels grandkids.

So I really wasn't expecting Sedona and Jamison’s story to hit me quite so hard. And I definitely didn't expect to have the feels I got from it. To be honest I really don't recall seeing the fact Jamison had an addiction to alcohol so I wasn't sure why Sedona up and left him at 8 months pregnant, but I figured it would be dramatic.

Being close to a few alcoholics makes me sensitive to this subject and honestly not in a good way. So once I learnt that was Jamison's issue I didn't expect to forgive him. But he worked so hard to overcome it and I understood what lead him there. I still had a few issues, but Sedona was so strong and sensible in her approach I feel like she held my hand and walked me through it.

From the beginning I was team Sedona and I loved that she was so independent and working so hard to be the best mother. And even when she was hurt by how everything played out between her and Jamison she didn't play games, she just tried to keep her relationship separate to the relationship she wanted Palmer to have with her father.

And like I said, Jamison worked so hard for what he wanted. And he went balls to the wall to prove and earn everything to Sedona and Palmer and the rest of the Bailey clan. I had a slight issue with Palmer not being very age appropriate but it worked for the story and it was close enough. If I wasn't with my 2 and 3 year old every day I probably wouldn't have noticed it.

But for now I'm going to mourn the end of my Bailey siblings and pray that the ladies write us a nice little novella wrapping everyone up in a neat little epilogue or Buzz Wheel post. And I will be keeping my fingers crossed that we see them in the Green’s books.



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