I have had this on my TBR for so long but knowing it's a duet that I would have to find time to devote to it I kept pushing it down. Because I knew it would wreck me and I wouldn't be able to put it down and adult while I was reading it. But then Jay decided to go and re-release it and put it all over Facebook I couldn't help myself.


I got to the last 15 percent at 2am last night and I KNEW I had to put it down to finish when I had more time. Because the angst of what was going to happen had me all tied in knots. I was so scared that one of them was going to do something to break my heart. And then I was going to cry, try write this review and then jump straight into book 2.


And as it turned out I'm glad I waited. Ava absolutely gutted me. Her strength, determination and perseverance made me love her so much. And Connor was truly beautiful too. The sheer volume of things against these guys made me want to wrap them up and hide them away.


But now I have to dive into book 2 because I need them both to be okay. But more I need them to thrive and live happily ever after because if anyone deserves it, it's them.



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