I have a confession. I hate rock star romances. I avoid them more often than not. So when I saw this book and jumped to read it I had no idea it was about a band. All I knew was it was a collaboration between two of my favourite authors and I had to have it. Then I read the blurb and got nervous. 

I should have known better. If anyone could make me love something it's Sarina Bowen. Luckily for me she isn't running a cult or I'd be there with my head shaved ready to go. As it stands I am so glad I committed to these before I knew the genre because I couldn't put it down.

Surprise baby had me so excited but the rock star thing had me worried. But Jonas was awesome. I fell in love with him on every page. He loved Kira so completely and he showed it at every opportunity. He had me picturing John Legend and the adoring way he loves his wife. Which made me smile through the whole book.

Kira was a surprise for me. I didn't expect to like her, I expected her to be completely different. Instead she was just a sweet young girl who fell in love and lost him. But she didn't hold a grudge or be a doormat or let her guilt in the way things played out make her make stupid decisions. She just was understanding and mature and perfect.

I really can't wait to get my hands on the next two books because I'm over my rock star aversion and dying to see where these ladies are going to take these characters.





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