This series is just so freaking awesome. I am so glad I started reading it and I love having this author I love, that has so many books I have still yet to read. I just wish I could spend a month on a deserted island reading. But sadly, life in suburbia prevails and I am just reading all these great books as they are released adding more and more to my TBR mountain.


However, this one was one I could just dive right into and of course from the first page I was in my happy place. I love this cast of characters and every story has me hooked. And I know that they are all related somewhat either to earlier books in this series or to couples in the OG swat series.


This is one time I was glad I hadn't read the earlier books because I think the twist in this story would have crushed me. As it was, I was pretty devastated. I was so in love with Hastings, I couldn't get enough of her. Sammy however was perfect for her. From their first meeting he was just so protective and invested in getting to know her better despite her misgivings.


Everything about this book had me loving this couple. And I really loved that they were both awesome individually. But together they were just the cutest. I really couldn't put it down and I would have loved for a really long epilogue. I think this series is the only thing about 2020 that has me wanting more months in my calendar. 



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