I love this series so much, the Just Us League is a thing of beauty. But whoever classified these as romantic comedy has a mean sense of humour. There are some laugh out loud moments, generally when I am caught unaware and emit one of those snort laugh things that has the dog looking at me like I’m nuts. But these stories have so much depth and the characters are so human and flawed that they made me feel all of their insecurities and worries and fears and I spent so much of the book feeling anything but laughter.


Bethany was the sort of character I can only imagine, I am so far from that A type personality that reading her thoughts made my heart hurt for her. She was perfect, in that entirely broken way every human is. And I loved that Tessa wrote her warts and all, but more, I love that Tessa lead her to showing her warts to everyone that loved her.


Although seriously if Wes were chasing after me wanting to hold all my broken pieces and whispering dirty nothings in my ear, I’d probably show him whatever he wanted. Because damn was Wes mature beyond his young years. And getting to know him and see where life had taken him, I just loved him even more.


Of course Laura was an absolute star and no one could help but fall in love with her. She was perfectly age appropriate and I enjoyed watching her worm her way into everyone’s hearts and make them want to be better people for her. Hopefully this isn’t the end of our Just Us League members stories because I have had so much fun watching them support each other to pursue their dreams. 



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