I read the blurb for this story months ago and it grabbed my attention, but since it's part of a series I thought I would read the others first. Bonus since it was on KU. But I hated the main character and I really couldn't read it so I dnf it at 20%. And since then I have been dreading having to read this.

But I pulled up my big girl panties and started reading and I quickly got lost in the story. The chemistry between Janessa and Charlie was so hot I could feel it crackling on my kindle. And I loved that their daughters became insta besties as ten year old girls tend to be. 

Unfortunately for me the characters both had so much going on and they both acted like idiots without communicating. They both acted so rashly and immaturely and every time I thought they were going to have an actual conversation they either said stupid things or had sex. I just wanted to strangle them.

But I also couldn't put it down. It was like a bad soap opera trying to figure out which character was going to do the next dumb thing or actually acknowledge their feelings. And I couldn't look away. So while I didn't love it I also didn't hate it and now I have to figure out how to rate it.


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