Of all the books in this series I have been most hesitant of this one and the next one. Having been introduced to Booth and Dillon and Asa and Delaney and Bourne in previous books and knowing the bare basics of their story I had no idea how the author was going to address it.

Even having read the book and finding out all of the circumstances around baby Asa, I still can't get my head around the whole Aunty / stepmum thing. But then in the next breathe, who cares? As long as everyone is happy and consenting who has the right to judge. 

Anyway as I was saying. I wasn't sure how Booth and Dillon could be together when he had had a child with Dillon's sister. I was worried that someone's feelings were going to be hurt or that there would be a drama around poor little Asa. But then everything came to light and I was so relieved.

There was a little bit of drama but none of it was relationship drama. And Delaney was just happy that her sister got the man she had been crushing on since she was a teenager. And the teasers for Delaney and Bourne made everything even sweeter. A few little things in regards to Asa were left unfinished but since it's Delaney and Bourne's story next I'm hoping we will get that resolved. And I can't wait.


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