Until I got my hands-on Juno's story, I really struggled with why she didn't admit to the feelings we all knew she felt for Colton. It never even occurred to me that she might be afraid, she has always come across as so self-assured. Juno held this aura of mystery that I never really bothered to try see through. But she felt so together and seemed to know what was going on with all her siblings I just figured she would have all her shit together. So as much as it sucked for her it was nice to see she was just as clueless as the rest of us.


Poor Colton was the one to suffer for Juno's fears and insecurities. But he had the patience of a saint and he knew that Juno was his destiny and he waited. I have to admit I was worried he had given up when we learnt of his engagement in the last book. And then I worried there was going to be a load of angst and drama. Of course, I should have known Piper Rayne would not steer us wrong.


I loved that this book had a lot of flash backs to them as they grew up. Showing us not just them but a lot of the Bailey clan through the ages. And even though we got a lot of the family, they were background to the story, except Gma D of course. As always the teasers for not just King’s book but also Sedona's has me wanting to dive into both books right now. Grrr I hate waiting.


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