I signed up to review this before the blurb was release just because I have a massive fan girl crush on Rebecca Jenshak’s writing. And I was super excited to get my hands on any of her words that I could. But I have to be honest and say that when I read the blurb I was reluctant. And if I had read the blurb first I probably wouldn’t have jumped on this quite as quickly. I would have one clicked it, but I would have been selective when I was brave enough to jump in.

All that said, the things I was dreading, just never happened. And I am so glad I didn’t focus on the blurb and had to read this now. As expected it is written in the perfect Rebecca Jenshak way and I was hooked from the first page. It's told in dual point of view but in large chunks of each person's so we only get the one side of each event.

Finn was amazing. I fell in love with him from the beginning. There he was being the perfect fiancé, only to be ditched at the alter. And even though he was devastated, he didn't do anything stupid and he was such a genuinely good guy. I kept picturing him with this adorable Bengal kitten, seriously is there anything hotter than a man doting on a baby animal?

Adele was awesome too. I liked that even though it sucked she did the right thing. And when she realised she had made the wrong choice she didn't run and cry. She pulled up her big girl panties and started in on plan B. But mainly I loved that she realised she was living her life in a safe bubble and went about popping it so she could live her life to the fullest.

The chemistry was sparking off the pages. And Finn was such a great hero. He loved hard and he went balls to the wall to prove it, even when he thought it was pointless. I really enjoyed this book so much. I would love to see Foster get a book of his own. But for now I guess it's back to praying for Rebecca to write faster.



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