I went into this with a few reservations, I have become a little obsessed with Lani Lynn Vale's writing and love her writing style. But those books were all mature couples, and this is a new adult, high school story. So, I wasn't really sure what I was going to get. And honestly what I got was exactly what I loved about her other books; it wasn't even really dialled back any.

Obviously, this was all set-in high school, but I never really felt like I was reading about kids. Partially because I just didn't fixate on their ages, but also because both Perry and Banner didn't act like idiots. Also, there was none of the typical new adult drama.

Banner basically fell in love with Perry at first sight. And Perry was right there with him. Most of the drama was outside of their relationship, which I loved. Banner had the whole alpha thing in hand. And Perry was awesome. She didn't have a heap of painful insecurities or annoying habits to drive me nuts.

I really loved this couple and their story kept me flipping pages all afternoon. I wish this was being turned into a series as the secondary characters were equally as awesome. But since I already have so many more Lani Lynn Vale books to read it's probably for the best it isn't.


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