Ok so like Axel this book was one I read when it was released seven freaking years ago, seriously how has it been seven years since these guys came into my life? And I remember that I was a massive fan of the series and especially of Harper Sloan’s writing. So after I put down Axel I immediately jumped into Cage. And since I loved him so hard as the older surrogate brother to all the lovely ladies I was super excited.

Then I started reading it and I wanted him to catch a massive case of crabs. Now don’t get me wrong I am not hugely sensitive to our main characters having sex before they get together. Sure I would prefer it to not be a big point of the book but I generally get over it pretty quickly. And I probably would have if after meeting the heroine and inquiring about her, dancing with her and rubbing all up against her he then didn’t bang his crazy AF sex buddy with the hard on he got from the heroine. And if he also didn’t do it while bitching that the crazy AF sex buddy was crazy AF and needed to stop thinking this was more than it was. This one scene gave me a shit taste to start my book off with. We had already witnessed him and said Crazy chick going at it we didn’t need this recap.

But I am a forgiving reader and once he decided to chase the heroine he was all in and all about her so I figured I would just ignore that one bar room bang and focus on everything after that. From that point on he was perfect. I adored him for Melissa. And I loved the whole premise of them already being six degrees of separated. 

Melissa was great. I liked that she could hold her own and she fit in so well with the Corps Security crew and the ladies of the group. Cohen was an awesome addition to the story and I really liked the fact he acted age appropriately. This series is everything that I remembered and I am so glad that I decided to do a reread.


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