This book is one I could not resist despite it not being something I would normally pick up and I am not really sure why that was. I love single parent romance, but I am not really a fan of second chance.

And honestly the reason is pretty much summed up in this book. Shane was a giant acehole and broke Scarlet's heart. And it took me a while to get over it, in fact it took me longer than Scarlet. I get that they were young, but I need a solid reason and an even stronger grovel and I didn't feel it.

Then throw in the mother of his son and I could not care how hot he was. Or how much he had grown up, I just could not like him. I understood Scarlets issues, growing up with a mother like hers would warp anyone. But she worked hard to prove herself and earn everything she wanted.

I enjoyed parts of the book, but I couldn't get myself lost in the story like I wanted. And I didn't really get what I need for a second chance romance to work for me. I enjoyed the secondary characters and once the relationship started, I did warm up to Shane. So, although I didn't love it, I also didn't hate it.


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