I was so excited to get my grabby hands on this. A sports romance from Sara Ney  has my one click finger twitching hard. And that blurb had me even more excited. Seriously a jock who isn't full of himself or think he's gods gift is a hero I want to read.


Noah more than met my expectations. He was sensitive without being too soft. And I loved the contradictions of his character, it made him relatable despite his career and bank balance. It was really nice to have the hero as the insecure one for a change. Sara wrote him so perfectly that he didn't come across as a whiny cry baby …… much.


And of course his relationship with Buzz helped too.


Miranda was great. She just rolled with the punches and didn't get caught up in the things that could have caused petty problems. And I loved that she was freaked about what he was worth but didn't make it an issue.


The secondary characters were a lot of fun and added so much to the story. I really hope we get a lot more of them in the coming books. Partially because this one didn't give me nearly enough couple time. And I want to see more of these guys together but also because Buzz is such a nut job. Not only will he be awesome value in his own book but I think Noah and Miranda owe him a hard time or two.


 For now I'm off to obsess over who we are going to get next.



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