I read this book so long ago that I honestly could only remember that I loved it. I am a huge fan of Harper Sloan and I love her writing style so while I was sitting around procrastinating I ended up on her Facebook group and obviously, people were raving about their experience of being first time readers and I figured a reread was in order.

Far out did poor Izzy go to hell and back. But she didn't just let fate keep kicking her down. And her inner spirit came through so strong I just loved her. I also loved that despite everything she had been through there wasn't a single pity party and I was right behind her when she just wanted a drink and to hideaway under her covers.

Of course Axel would convince any woman to crawl out from under anywhere. Having the dual POV in this I could understand his anger. But I loved that he didn't hold onto it. And as soon as he knew what had transpired he was crushed but he also just wanted to get back on the path to happily ever after. 

Naturally the secondary characters were beautiful and I can't wait to read the rest of the series and then jump into the spinoff. And I am extremely excited to see that awesome things are happening for Harper and inspiring her to write again so fingers crossed we will be getting more of her words soon.


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