This is the first book I have read from Amanda Faye. I read the blurb for it and thought it sounded fun. I didn't realise it was only a short story, but honestly that just added to the appeal. I literally picked it up and read it before bed.

Ryan has been in love with Cris since they were young, only Cris thought he was just messing around. And his affection and declarations of love just became part of their banter. Which really connected me to them as a couple. I could feel their years of friendship and history in every interaction. The jump from friends to more felt like I had waited forever for it while I watched in unfold. The fact that his sister was always aware of where they were both at and was all in was a nice bonus.

For a reasonably short novel, I didn't feel like I missed out on anything. The chemistry was hot, but the emotion came across just as strongly. And I read the whole time with a really happy feeling and the urge to jump into more books by Amanda Faye so I'm off to check out her catalog on GoodReads.


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