I adore Elle Kennedy's writing and her Briar U series has been on point. I have loved them all and I had all these good intentions of doing a re-read of the previous books before I started this one. But sadly time got away from me and As soon as this landed on my kindle my self control joined my time management and went surfing.

The meeting between these two was great, I couldn't help but giggle at Taylor's introduction. She was such a perfect new adult character. I loved everything about her. But the fact that she had such an awesome growth that felt so organic made the story for me. She was such a mess of insecurity and just genuine human flaws I couldn't help but relate and sympathize.

But omg Conor. Seriously, he hit all the marks for me. A reformed bad boy player with a heart of gold who falls hard for the normal, sweet, girl next door. And gives great boyfriend and works so hard to be everything she deserves. Yup I'm in lust. Throw in the blonde surfer god with the hockey body and I'm gone.

I loved this book. It felt real. There were dramas and mistakes but they were dealt with maturely and added to my character love. Now I'm off to stalk the author to see if we are getting more of this series.


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