I just put down my last read with the absolute intention of reading the next book in the series. Then I got a FB notification and saw someone asking for the name of a book and the plot they could remember sounded great. And I have been hearing such amazing things about L.J. Shen I figured this was a good way to dip my toe in the water. 

I guess I should start by saying I really like her style and I will be reading more of her books soon. I already have half on my TBR thanks to friends recommendations. This story was sweet with the smallest touch of angst. And I really loved the meeting of these two as kids.

Jolie was the perfect new adult heroine. She was scared of being hurt and didn't want to risk her friendship with Sage and I completely understood where she was coming from every step of the way. Sage needed a solid smack in the head. But I loved him despite his stupidity. It helped that once he realised his heart was involved he wasn't afraid to go for it.

But the ending was pure romance goodness. I really am going to have to stalk more of this author's work.


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