So I keep crying about this stupid Covid slump I'm in and honestly the last week felt like I was going a little crazy. I re-read an old favourite but I couldn't get into any of the books I'm committed to read. Then I opened my kindle to find Hooking Him front and center and I couldn't put it down.

Obviously I am madly in love with the beautiful Aurora Rose Reynolds and her writing is perfection. So it was a given that I was going to love the book. Seriously the only thing that could have made it more exciting is if it was a Mason.

Anna was one of those characters that I instantly wanted as a bestie. She wasn't sure who she was, but she knew who she didn't want to be and she had the strength to go looking for a better life. And I loved that she wasn't afraid to face the things about herself that made her uncomfortable. She was a really great heroine.

In true Aurora Rose Reynolds style Calvin was perfection. He knew that Anna was everything he wanted in his life and he set about making that happen. Not that she put up much of a fight, but then again, who would? He had the whole growling, possessive alpha thing down. But it wasn't in the normal over the top way.

The story was awesome and kept me guessing. And the chemistry was perfect. This was the perfect read to help restore my sanity.


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