To say I have been anxiously awaiting this book would be a massive understatement. I am so addicted to the BTU Alumni and Maddey is one of my hands down favourites. It really feels like we have been waiting for the next book in this series for ever and then when it was Maddey’s that just ramped up the anticipation but then Alley had to taunt us with all those teasers about who our hero was going to be. I swear I had such massive butterflies just trying to figure out who it was. There was only one acceptable man in my mind but there were so many options.

Obviously Maddey is our Queen of Smut writing Disney Princess who’s a total badass and doesn’t need anyone to save her. But with all the stalker gifts and all the testosterone flying around her there were so many people just waiting in the wings to come slay her dragons. And Alley just kept taunting us about who it could be and making me obsess over it like a teenage girl.

That said I can forgive her for the torture since I got the hero I was hoping for. Along with a boatload of Disney references that made my day. Add in a heap of the coven and all the boys and various other friends and family members and I was in the happiest place on Earth reading this. It was awesome and I seriously couldn’t put it down. I am dying for everyone else to read it so we can squee over the possessive neck holding kisses and the growling mines and just all the perfection that was our hero.

But seriously Alley 2021 for the next one? That’s just mean. Luckily my anticipation levels are high for the U of J novels coming soon but I am feeling a series reread because this book was just everything.


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