A Fresh Restart 
by Chelsea Falin 
Genre: Contemporary Romance

A sweet contemporary friends-to-lovers romance novella with a strong dose of second chance at love and a sweet HEA. No cliffhangers. (Heat Level: 2 flames.) 

Josette Miller and Walker Anderson grew up together in small-town, Dade City, Florida. Inseparable during their youth, Josette dreamed of growing up and moving away. When she left ten years ago, Josette didn’t know how Walker really felt about her. 

But Dade City just wasn’t the same with Josette, and Walker left shortly after, regretting he’d never told Josette how he felt. In a twist of fate, Josette and Walker find themselves moving home within months of each other. They aren’t kids, anymore, and the attraction this time around is mutual. Maybe a “Fresh Restart” is just what they needed to get their happily ever after. 

Josette stood at the stove, manning two large cast iron skillets frying four pork chops a piece. Two dozen baked potatoes sat on the bottom rack of the oven, and a huge tinfoil throw-away pan of fresh broccoli and cauliflower cooked on the top rack. Two dozen fresh-baked biscuits sat cooling near the stove, beside the eight pork chops she’d already fried. They were covered to stay warm, of course. Two gallons of sweet tea and two chocolate pudding pies were in the fridge.

She’d been cooking for a while now, to keep herself occupied. One of the things she’d missed most about being home were the big suppers, and with all the men working at the property behind them today, it was the perfect time for one.

The pork chops in the pan were quickly transferred to the plate, and Josette threw on a last round. If she’d counted correctly, there’d be 12 people – kids included – at supper. Twenty-two pork chops should be plenty.

“Like me to set the table?” Lily, Gunner’s wife, had come over with the children earlier today after coming back from her parents.

Josette nodded. “That’d be great, thanks.” As a second thought, Josette added, “Do you think you could set up the kid’s table, too? We’d probably all fit fine at the big table, but I don’t want things to get too crowded.” Lily nodded, her black hair moving together like a curtain as she did.

Josette was in the middle of flipping the pork chops over when someone came up from behind her. Strong arms grabbed her around the waist as she heard a deep voice in her ear. “Well, hey there, stranger.”

Josette jumped, startled. She turned around and looked into a pair of bright blue eyes that peeked out from a darkly suntanned face decorated with a scruffy five o’clock shadow. Curly black hair went every which way, and a faint scar decorated one cheek. He had grown considerably, but there was no mistaking him. “Walker Anderson! You scared the life out of me!” Josette shook her head as her heart still pounded.

Walker’s strong, masculine features broke into a boyish grin. “Well, Miss Josie Posey, it wouldn’t be quite a welcome unless I made your heart race. Now would it?”

“Don’t call me that. I’m not a little girl, anymore.” Josie placed her hands on her hips for a second, contemplating him before turning back to pull the pork chops from their pan.

“No, you’re definitely not that.” Walker grinned at her. “You’ve…. Filled out nicely.”

Josette shook her head. “Walker, if you’re gonna pick up on commenting on my assets like we were eighteen again, I’m not gonna let you have any of this food I made.” He’d always been a jokester. Let someone else say something about Josette’s assets, however, and all hell always broke lose.

Chelsea Falin is the 25 year old independent author of well over ten titles. She began writing with intents to publish in 2006, at age 16, and finally published in 2009, at age 19. Chelsea writes in a variety of genres, including but not limited to: romance, young adult, comedy, cooking, poetry, and dramatic fiction. Professionally, Chelsea is also a freelance blog/article writer, web designer, and book blogger. 

In her personal life, Chelsea is the mother of a six year old daughter. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, fishing, hiking, biking, traveling, and spending time with her friends or family. 

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