I went into this book with a whole load of doubts. I wasn't a massive fan of the first one and Sierra came across as a bit of a cold and judgy witch. But Sierra and Adrian were perfect. And I really did get to see a soft and sensitive side of Sierra and I felt her pain. I can't imagine losing a parent and having the other one just shut down and leave you to deal by yourself at ten. No wonder she came across as cold and distant.

Adrian was so perfect not just in drawing her out of her shell and making her open herself up but also in being so solid and giving her a safe space to find her own strength. He was such a perfect character and I think the lovely ladies did an amazing job writing this reluctant royal. 

I enjoyed the way the rooftop crew just took it all in stride. That group is so fun I love all their different dimensions and I can't wait to get my hands on Rian's book next. It's kind of mean that I want Dylan to suffer and Rian to find love with Jax but my fingers are crossed.


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