I have had a bit of a girl crush on Kody for awhile now. She is so strong and self assured yet we can all see the spider web cracks running all over her surface. But she didn’t want to be coddled and treated like she was fragile and she fought tooth and nail to be treated like an equal. And she proved how strong she is over and over again.

Kody has had such a hard life and even though she was close with her brothers she still felt kind of like her own island. After losing her first love so devastatingly she picked herself up from the ashes and started again. But she was so closed off and trying so hard to prove she didn’t need anyone she came across as a bit of a bitch.

Hill saw not just her softness but also all the surface cracks and all he wanted was to love her and help her heal them all. I loved that although he saw all her broken parts he also saw all of her strength and he may have wanted to slay all her dragons and burn the world to the ground to protect her but he was also happy to stand at her back and cheer her on while she did it for herself. I adored him. There wasn’t a single part of Kody he didn’t love and even things he wanted her to change he never threw down the gauntlet. He told her what he wasn’t happy with and then said that regardless of what she did about it he was always going to be standing right there with her. And it just made him all the swoonier.

The story took an interesting twist and I honestly wouldn’t have ever predicted that was where it was going but I loved it. I especially love that the next book is Shot’s because I have loved him so much since I first met him. I really can’t wait to get my grabby hands on that book and I love from the authors acknowledgements at the back of the book that he took on a life of his own for her and we are reaping the rewards. Can’t wait!!! 


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