So I picked this up on a complete whim. I read the blurb for it and I just had to read it right now and I honestly can't tell you why. Not that I can think of a single reason why not but for whatever reason this book hit me with a bang and I grabbed it on KU.

Darcy was a little weak and sheltered for my liking but that was fine since Atlas more than made up for her lack of character. I mean seriously if the dark black hair and light blue eyes don't have you melting why not throw in a body full of tattoos and a few well placed piercings? And then to just go for the kill shot let's make him all kinds of sweet, caring, jealous, possessive, obsessed and besotted and we have ourselves the perfect book boyfriend. 

This story was all things insta love set in a tattoo parlour surrounded by eye candy and I loved it. It was a quick hot read that I could pick up before bed that is going to guarantee sweet dreams and a happy hubby. I can't wait to see how Mischa and Indie play out in their story next.


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