After reading the last book from this author I knew she writes the kind of characters I love so when this one became available I jumped on in. And I did like the characters. I liked the story. It was well written and I enjoyed the suspense of trying to figure out what was going to happen.

I got nervous as we got closer to the end that it was all already wrapped up but I was already invested enough to be ok with just getting the happily ever after and hopefully a teaser for some of the other characters. Because this seriously has to become a series for these PI boys.

Phoebe was great. She went toe to toe with Huxley every time he did the whole alpha chest beating thing. And I loved that he was soft enough with her to stop and explain why he was being overbearing. I also loved that every time it came from such a real place and that once Phoebe saw that she would let it go. A few times I thought he owed a lot more explaining even if I did get where he was coming from. 

I had a few issues with the start of their relationship. It felt like it started without any real substance. And I didn't feel their initial connection. Which took me a bit to get over but since I liked them together so much I let it go and fell into the story. I also loved the secondary characters and I am praying this is the first book in a series.


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